A Horror Feature Film

Figure In Red Fog


When an evil red fog with a nasty sense of humour is unleashed in her Rehab Centre, Frances must learn to overcome her demons – both the emotional kind and the physical manifest-into-your-worst-fear-and-try-to-kill-you kind – before she becomes the next victim.


Short Synopsis:

Frances is a high school cross country star with her sights set on Nationals. Her hopes of first place glory are obliterated after the mysterious loss of movement in her legs. She’s sent to McCogEdEn Rehabilitation Centre for her recovery, where being confined to a wheelchair quickly becomes the least of her problems.

From the strange behaviour of the staff, to the shifting halls and morphing walls that don’t lead where they should, to the nonsensical passage of time, nothing in Rehab adds up. When a fellow patient’s inexplicable death is obviously covered up by distraught staff, Frances is forced into the unwelcome roll of a Nancy-Drew-sleuth. Her theory: Rehab is a cage for a Fear Demon. The patients are its food.

She’s right.

Too bad no one believes her.

Fear Demon Barbas, caged in the Rehab centre for centuries, thinks he can finally escape. Frances holds a particularly tasty fear – the trauma of being kidnapped and held for days when she was a kid. If Barbas can possess Frances and feed off this fear, he’ll be strong enough to break free forever.

Frances can’t run from Barbas. But maybe, just maybe, if she learns to embrace her past she can harness that strength for herself – becoming the perfect vessel to hold Barbas, forever.

Well, until she dies. Then who knows what will happen to the Fear Demon? But that’s a question for another day.


Project Status: We are based out of Halifax, NS, Canada. We are currently in development and raising funds.


Contact REHAB(at)sarahgignac(dot)com for more information!



Becky ParsonsBecky Parsons (Producer) is an award winning cinematographer (Rhonda’s Party) and fine art photographer (Kodak Achievement Award). A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, she has 18 years experience in the photographic and motion picture arts. Becky is based in the Maritimes, Canada, also working often in Toronto and London, UK. She is director of photography and/or camera operator on a number of well-known productions, recently Bruce McDonald’s latest feature film, Weirdos. She has directed a number of short films and music videos. Her vast experience in film makes her uniquely poised to make the transition to directing feature films.






Sarah Gignac (Writer/Producer) has been a professional writer for over eighteen years. In 2010 she turned from fiction and theatre to screenwriting. She wrote and directed two short films (Curtains and Sleeping Beauty) that played in festivals across North America and internationally. She has participated in many writing and filmmaking programs including the PEI Screenwriters Bootcamp (twice), AFCOOP’s Film 5, and WIFT-AT’s Directed By Women. She was also the Filmmaker in Residence at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture in Dawson, Yukon in April 2017. In 2018 she completed her first animation short, Borscht & Fresh Bread. Sarah is committed to telling stories that are often overlooked or misrepresented. She believes that stories have the power to connect people and change minds, and wants to spend her life finding and sharing tales people might not otherwise encounter.